Free online account from Wirecard Bank AG, started in 2015. Key feature is a sophisticated smartphone app, coming with visualization of incoming payment types and immediate push notifications.

It is one of the few German bank accounts coming with full English support, both on the interfaces and on the phone support.

Residence in Germany or Austria.
Comes with an app for Android and iPhone.
Free prepaid Mastercard.
Free worldwide, i.e. you never pay an extra fee on your payment done by the included Mastercard.
Free worldwide. (As long as the ATM itself does not state that it will take a fee. In Germany, this applies to very few ATMs, e.g. by Netbank.)
  • Via SEPA transfer. The account comes with a regular IBAN number.
  • Via Cash24: Go to a Penny or real,- supermarket, create a barcode on your smartphone, show in at the counter and pay money into your account as if you would buy something.

Application is possible via video legitimzation or Postident.

To open a new account,

  1. Go to the N26 site*.
  2. Enter your email address and country of residence.
  3. Enter your basic personal data.
  4. You receive an email with a link for applying.
  5. Optimally, open the link on your smartphone. It will offer you to install the N26 app.
  6. After downloading and installing the app, click on Get your free account.
Legitimization via video chat
  1. On a workday between 8:00 and 24:00, you can start the video legitimation process. It means that you will have a video chat on your smartphone or laptop with their service employee. Make sure to
    • be in a quiet place,
    • have good wifi connection,
    • have your ID card or passport prepared.
  2. Within a few seconds after clicking, you will start the video chat. During that, they will take a photo of you and your ID card / passport. You will be also asked to say your age. Also, an SMS with a code will arrive that you will have to type into the app.
  3. After the video chat, you can login into the app.
  4. You can set a PIN for the app (“pair”). Doing this, you will receive another SMS with a 4-digit code.
  5. Finally, the Mastercard will be sent to you. This takes between 2 to 5 working days.
  6. To actually use the Mastercard, put money on it by a transfer from another account or by Cash26 (see above).
Legitimization via Post-ident

If for any reason, legitimzation via video chat is not possible, you can legitimize via Postident.

Open a new N26 account*